dpd/tstat - extraction of force components


I am interested in calculating F^{D} and F^{R} (Fd is a dissipative
force, and Fr is a random force) components of dpd/tstat command in
every MD step.
I used compute pair but it doesn't provide me information regarding
these two forces, Is there a way to extract these information on the
fly, so that i can have an idea about how much heat is
importat/extracted from the system at each MD step

Best Regards

No there isn't - all of those force components are summed
inside the pair style. However, if you wait for the "rerun"
command which will be released soon (hopefully this week),
then you could rerun a dump file of snapshots and define
the pair_style dpd command to only invoke one component
of the force and compute that component for each of the