Driving force with different angles

Hello sir,
I am working on a two-dimensional system. Fx, Fy give me the addition of force as driving forces along x and y direction with angle 0 and 90 degrees. But I want to apply a force in-between angles of 0 and 90 degrees. F = f cos(θ)x + f sin(θ)y, f is the magnitude of force, x and y are the unit vectors along x and y direction and F is the total force as a vector quantity.
how it can be possible…

You already quoted the expression for getting the fx and fy component. Where is the problem?

my problem is if i have an angle 45 and f =0.2 then just need to add Fx=f cos(θ),Fy= f sin(θ) values in addforce command or need to make it vector in other commands like vector style?
because in case of 0 and 90 degrees one component become zero and only one component given action along x-axis or y-axis…

Just look at the documentation. It tells you what is required.