Dump file after minimizing in a loop

In the loop, the dump files contain only the last steps of minimization.
However, I have encountered even more basic problem (not in the loop):
When I try to dump right after the indent, in the code below,
it does contain two snapshots, but they are the same. (i.e the dump file of before the indent and after are the same)
By the way, dump_modify format didn’t change anything.
I’m sure the values of z1 and z2 are enough to cause a sifnificant change.


I don’t see where you are forcing a dump snapshot after
the minimization. An undump command does not write a dump
snapshot. You could put a 2nd write_dump command after
the minimize.

Note that the doc page for dump, says it will only
write a dump snapshot at the end of the minimization if
it converged. What does the final output of the minimization say
its status is? If it is running for some large # of iterations, can
you get intermediate snapshots if you set the dump frequency
to a smaller value than 100000 steps (iterations in the case of a minimize)?