dump from a passage of time defined by the user

Hello everyone ,

I want to perform a simulation of 100,000 time steps . However , I want to generate a dump from step 90000 onward.

The first thing I tried was the next option

dump velocidades all custom 10 dump/dump.velocidades id v_vx_N v_vy_N v_vz_N
variable time_delay equal 90000*{dt}</b> **dump_modify velocidades delay {time_delay}**

however , I get the following output:

ERROR: Illegal dump_modify command (…/dump.cpp:869)

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve also tried with if-else but I do not get satisfactory results.

if "{steps} > 9000" then "dump velocidades all custom 10 dump/dump.velocidades{num_simulacion} id v_vx_N v_vy_N v_vz_N"

run 10000

how else can I do this?

I use the LAMMPS Version ( May 23, 2014 )


A simple workaround, instead of using

dump foo
run 100000

Would be:

run 90000
dump foo
run 10000


You can also use dump_modify every with a variable

that uses stride(x,y,z) to e.g. dump from 90,000 to 100,000

every 1000 steps.


Arthur, Steve.
thank you very much for the suggestions. This works .