dump has no 'xtc' style, even built with MISC package

Dear all,

I followed the lammps guide and rebuild lammps code with MISC package (http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/dump.html) to get ‘xtc’, but I still do not see xtc in dump style. Further run got error. My steps are follow.
The lammps is the stable branch in github

  1. make clean // clean old .o files

rm -rf Obj_wkv1 // remove all previous obj files in the folder.
rm -rf lmp_wkv1 // remove the binary file

  1. // make yes-[packages] including MISC.

make pi // as below

Installed YES: package COLLOID
Installed YES: package MANYBODY
Installed YES: package MC
Installed YES: package MISC
Installed YES: package MOLECULE
Installed YES: package PYTHON
Installed YES: package USER-DPD
Installed YES: package USER-LB
Installed YES: package USER-MESO
Installed YES: package USER-SPH

  1. make wkv1 -j 3 // rebuild the code with wkv1
    // MINE/Makefile_wkv1 is based on makefile_mpi but with png support
    … long compilaton
    … linking …
    dump_xtc.o was seen in the linking step

  2. lmp_wkv1 -h // check dump style, but xtc is not shown up

  • Dump styles:

atom cfg custom dcd image
local movie xyz

Anything I miss?



Which version of LAMMPS do you have?


current stable branch: https://github.com/lammps/lammps/tree/stable

current stable branch: GitHub - lammps/lammps at stable

​that is a moving target so please let us know what is the date in the
version.h​ file.

for example i have.
$ cat version.h
#define LAMMPS_VERSION "11 May 2018"


​FWIW, i have no problem with the 18 March 2018 stable release:

[akohlmey@…12…1220… src] make pi Installed YES: package MISC [[email protected]... src] git status -sb -uno


[akohlmey@…1220… src] cat version.h #define LAMMPS_VERSION "16 Mar 2018" [[email protected]... src] make serial
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/akohlmey/compile/lammps/src/Obj_serial’
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/akohlmey/compile/lammps/src/Obj_serial’
make[1]: Entering directory ‘/home/akohlmey/compile/lammps/src/Obj_serial’
make[1]: ‘…/lmp_serial’ is up to date.
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/akohlmey/compile/lammps/src/Obj_serial’
[akohlmey@…1220… src]$ ./lmp_serial -h | grep xtc
local movie xtc xyz

The issue was fixed. Just found I made a mistake that the old ‘lmp-wkv1’ was still used for running and checking instead of the fresh one.
Sorry for that. Now xtc is good.