Dump Image using MPI error

I found that when I used the dump image command, I recieved an error in MPI (MPI_Waitall on communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD MPI_ERROR_REQUEST invalid request, it cites _ZN9LAMMPS_NS9DumpImage5writeEv + 507 and some other errors), when I commented out the dump image line the file ran properly. The dump image command works in serial (either using lmp_mac, or lmp_mac_mpi with -np 1).

I used:
dump 2 all image 10000 images/frame*.ppm type type adiam 0.5 bond type 0.1 view 90 135

~Nickhil Rokkam

yes - there's a glitch in the Waitall logic, due to a recent change.
I just posted a patch.