dump molfile

Dear LAMMPS users

Through simulation, I want to get trajectories as *.pdb format.To do so, I added the following command to the input file:

dump 1 all custom 10 dump.lammpstrj id type x y z
dump 2 all molfile 10 results.pdb pdb

though I installed USER-MOLFILE package before lammps compilation, the simulation breaks through the following error:

ERROR on proc 0: No suitable molfile plugin found (…/dump_molfile.cpp:105)

Seemingly, lammps cannot find vmd plugins. I already installed vmd along with all plugins in my system.

I already checked /lib/molfile/Makefile_lammps. But, I cannot catch the role of molfile_SYSINC, molfile_SYSLIB and molfile_SYSPATH ?

Have anybody ever experienced such difficulty?

So what should I do exactly?

Many Thanks in Advance.

Please reread the documentation for dump molfile very carefully. It contains information that you are lacking right now.