Dump movie only shows corner of the simulation box


I am trying to dump a movie of the (small) simulation I am running. For that I use the dump command:

dump movie all movie 50 movie.mp4 type type size 640 480

However, the video I get is just the inner corner of the simulation box. Altering the size or the zoom doesn’t fix it, just changes how much of the corner is shown.

Here is a preview of the output:

Do you know what could be wrong? I installed the last available version of LAMMPS in GitHub.

Note: I am using PyLammps, and not LAMMPS directly. I don’t know if that could be a reason for it.

Than you for your help,

Pablo de Andres

there is not enough information here to make any comments and particularly not your “preview”.
it would be best, if you provide a simple and complete input (best for regular LAMMPS, not PyLAMMPS) that demonstrates the effect. it should be sufficient to build the same size simulation cell and put a few atoms into it and then run for a single step and dump a single image (dump movie uses dump image internally, so any problem that applies to movies would also apply to a single image).



Sorry for the lack of information, I didn’t realise the preview wasn’t visible. I managed to figure out my mistake. I was calling the dump command before setting up the simulation, thinking it would just trigger the dump when the run was called. I changed the call to be done just before the run command is used, and now it works as expected.

Best regards,