EAM/FS potential file for Vanadium

Dear LAMMPS developers/users

Although this is not an inquiry directly related to LAMMPS, but I hope to find my answer in this community.
Recently, I read a paper (http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.1555275), which described the development of an eam/fs potential file suitable for simulation of radiation damage in Vanadium. This potential file is not available in LAMMPS potential directory and in ctcms website (www.ctcms.nist.gov/potentials/).
I was wondering, whether can the developers add this potential file to LAMMPS directory? or is there any other way to produce eam/fs potential, based on the info given in its original paper?
(I am aware of a python pre-processing code in LAMMPS source directory, that produces eam files based on Cnn coefficients, but since I am not a potential developer, I hope someone in this community could kindly produce that file for me).

Best Regards

Do you need that specific potential? Because there is an updated version of it available on the NIST site, part of the Fe-V potential listed there [DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.76.214105], readily usable in LAMMPS. If you really need the one you mentioned, you should either (a) find someone who wants to create the files for you or (b) study the LAMMPS manual and do it yourself.


Thanks for your reply.

Good solution my friend, but I am not really sure if LAMMPS manual describes the utility and specifications of external python codes.

Or contact the authors of the paper and ask for the potential.