end-of-life for pre-compiled LAMMPS rpms on fedora 17 and fedora 18

hi everybody,

just wanted to let everybody know that I have decided to no longer
build LAMMPS RPMs for fedora 17 and fedora 18. both distributions have
long been unsupported by fedora itself. over the last years it has
been increasingly simple to keep fedora distributions up-to-date and
do in-place upgrades to new versions using the FedUp tool. at the same
time fedora has become more stable and reliable (if you avoid gnome3,
that is). so i can only urge people to upgrade.

the old RPMs will remain in place, and you should be able to build
RPMs by yourself from the source RPM packages if absolutely needed,
but the RPMs i built today for fedora 17 & 18 are going to be the last
that i will compile.

at the same time, we now also have support for fedora 22 and also the
windows packages are now built on fedora 22 with the latest
cross-compilers and tools.