Error:All bond coefficients are not set

I am trying to implement a system where I have specified the bond types and bonds perfectly in lammps data file and gave bond coeffificents in input script but the output says ,All bond coefficients are not set. When I put same coefficients for all it works and same kind of error comes for angle coeffifients. Can someone point out why this is happening. I am sure that the bonds are defined perfectly. Thanks.
embf240.dat (1.4 MB) (6.4 KB)

You need to simplify your rather convoluted input script.
I tried running it, and had to:

  1. replace the read_restart dir$r/output_step/x.r_1.2845000 with read_data embf240.dat
  2. change the dimension of the box along z because atoms are defined outside the boundaries.
  3. ERROR: More than one fix shake instance

Now I give up. I refuse going any further. Please clean this mess, make sure that you share an input deck that actually reproduces the error you are claiming, and then we can start having a conversation.