ERROR: Atom IDs must be consecutive for velocity create loop all

i, I am sorry, should be:

LAMMPS data file. CGCMM style. atom_style hybrid generated by VMD/TopoTools v1.2 on Wed Jun 24 16:34:59 +0200 2015
18 atoms
12 bonds
6 angles
0 dihedrals
0 impropers
2 atom types
1 bond types



You could create the velocities earlier? (before deleting atoms).


Hi Marta,

You can assign velocities before deleting atoms, but your script won’t work anyway. You can’t delete an atom which is a part of a defined angle. LAMMPS will return an error like this one: “ERROR on proc 0: Angle atoms 1 3 2 missing on proc 0 at step 0 (…/neigh_bond.cpp:283)”, so you have to delete an angle before deleting an atom (otherwise there will be a similar error).
See more:


Or use a different velocity option after you have deleted atoms.

Loop all is the default, but you can also do loop local or geom.

See the velocity doc page.