ERROR: Bad boundary integration type


I am currently working on unzipping a CNT by laser irradiation. I am using the USER-ATC package. My simulation is returning the error message “ERROR: Bad boundary integration type”. I don’t seem to know why.
Kindly advice me on the correct thing to do.
I’ll be most appreciative.
Attached are my files.

Thanks a lot.

Chionye Okwuashi
Masters student, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department,
Saint Louis University

Inputfile2222.txt (1.66 KB)

New.txt (51.8 KB)

for getting help with the USER-ATC package, you should contact the USER-ATC authors directly. their e-mail addresses are listed in the USER-ATC README file. i don’t think they are subscribed to the mailing list (anymore) and the people usually answering questions here don’t have much experience in using USER-ATC.