ERROR: Bonds defined but no bond types

Hello lammps users,

I employed materials studio to build a model and used msi2lmp to obtain the data file. But an error occurred: “ERROR: Bonds defined but no bond types” . I am very confused because bonds types have already been defined in my data file as shown below:

Could you please help me to solve this problem? Thanks.


there is not enough information here to make any specific recommendations.

the mailing list does not allow attaching large files, but this seems to be a small enough system, so please provide:

  • the exact LAMMPS version you are using
  • the platform you are running on
  • in input file you are using
  • the data file
  • the log file from your failed run
  • the command line you are using to launch LAMMPS
  • the original .car and .mdf files
  • the command line you use to run msi2lmp