Error compiler

Dear Users KIM

When installing the package KIM gnu compilers used in opensuse

But I have no idea where the error comes, attached the file with the following description of the error after the make command



kim_make.txt (4.21 KB)

Dear Fabio,

Thanks for your interest in KIM. I'm sorry you are having trouble compiling the package.

The problem you are encountering has to do with settings for 32/64-bit environments.

It appears that you are using a compiling in 32-bit mode but have not set the KIM_SYSTEM32 environment variable.

Please take a look at the installation instructions that come with LAMMPS
( and pay special attention to step 1.c

I think this will solve your problem. (If not, let me know.)



Hi Fabio,

Great! I'm happy that you got it to work.