Error: Fix pour polydisperse fractions do not sum to 1.0 <../fix_pour.cpp:980>

please always copy the mailing list on your replies. thanks.

Alright, I am using LAMMPS 64 bit for windows 7. But I didn't find the fix_pour.cpp under installation file: C:\Program Files\LAMMPS 64-bit 20160229.

of course not. you have installed a package with pre-compiled
binaries. those come without source code and cannot be changed by
changing the source and recompiling. you have to uninstall this
package and download/install a new binary package when it becomes
available. there should be new windows binaries posted on monday when
i am back in my office.


Sounds great! I will uninstall the current version and install new windows binaries when you get them done.

Thank you very much!