Error in delete_atoms command for point defects in Al

Hi all,
I am trying to remove Al atoms from a block to create point defects, and when using the delete_atoms command, I am getting an “Illegal delete _atoms command” result. To the best of my ability, I’ve imitated what was written in the documentation, and my LAMMPS version seems to be up-to-date. Written below is my input script, up to the faulty line (at the very bottom).

------------------------ INITIALIZATION ----------------------------

units metal
dimension 3
boundary p p p
atom_style atomic

----------------------- ATOM DEFINITION ----------------------------

variable latparam equal 4.05
variable boxlength equal 10
lattice fcc {latparam} orient x 1 0 0 orient y 0 1 0 orient z 0 0 1 region whole block 0 {boxlength} 0 {boxlength} 0 {boxlength}
create_box 1 whole
create_atoms 1 region whole
replicate 1 1 1

group delete_group region whole
delete_atoms random fraction 0.1 yes delete_group NULL 12345 bond yes

It would be more helpful to quote the exact version you have.

I can run your quoted delete_atoms command with both, the 17 April 2024 development version, and the 2 Aug 2023 stable version without an error.