Error in installing exciting

Hii everyone

I am trying to install exciting and in the last step “make smp” I am getting an error message:

checking for EOR character used by gfortran… configure: error: Could not execute compiled program

I am not able to resolve the same. kindly help.

Hi Samm,

This is actually the first step. I think this comes from running the configure with FoX library (or possibly LibXC). You can check like so. From exciting’s folder:

cd external/FoX

What I would expect to see is:

checking for EOR character used by gfortran... LF

This sounds like a problem with your gfortran version. Can you give details of the OS and gfortran version used?


Thanks Alex for replying to my query.

I am trying to install exciting on linux and gfortran version is 11.3.0.

Hi Samm,

Can you be more specific than “linux”?

Can you try running ./configure in the FoX and LibXC directories, such that we can identify where the error’s coming from?

You could also try installing the Intel compiler (which is now free). Might be an easy workaround, although there’s no reason why exciting can’t be compiled with gfortran.


Hello alex,

It was installed successfully using the intel compiler. Thanks for the suggestion.