ERROR: Invalid flag in type arrays section of restart file


Thanks for this advice.
We have previously been successful in using restart2data.cpp with our modified version of lammps.
So it should be possible. Maybe if I try it with different compilers?
We cant really use the new version of lammps without investing a lot of time to update the custom potential we use.


So, you already used restarts and restart2data with your modified code, then you added some more changes and restart stopped working as you wish? I think you should fix it yourself, don't you? There should be some problem with these new modifications.

Concerning old-new version problem, have you tried to use version control systems (e.g. Subversion)? Or at least compare tools like meld? It might greatly facilitate the task to have your own branch of lammps and keep it up-to-date.


02.12.2013, 19:09, "Daniel.Mulvihill" <[email protected]>: