error message output


this may not be directly related to lammps, but has anyone encountered an issue where MPI_Abort will be called without showing the error message associated with it in the log? typically when this happens on this system I’ll have to run a debugger to see what the actual error message was; I’ve seen one or two messages associated with error->all calls but never one for error->one calls. Thanks for any help on the matter.

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This is usually a problem of the MPI library buffering output from remote processes for performance reasons. Error->all() will do an MPI_Barrier() before shutting down MPI and exiting. Error->one() cannot do this, because it is only called from on process.

You may want to look into the features of you MPI library to synchronize output. Or other message debugging features.
You could also try enabling exception handling in LAMMPS. Or simple modify the code in the Error class to output the message to a canonical file before calling MPI_Abort()



Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look at those options and think about it.