Error of fix indent command

Dear all
I use the “fix indent command” to use the cone indenter. I write the command as " fix 1 all indent 10 cone z 0 0 40 40 5 10 units box". I get a wrror warning " illegal fix indent command". I don’t know what the correct command is. I hope you can give me some advice. Thanks a lot!

The correct command is described in the documentation.

But you have to look at the documentation for your LAMMPS version. You didn’t say what your LAMMPS version is. Please note that the online documentation always describes the latest LAMMPS feature release. If you are using a different LAMMPS version, chances are that you are trying to use a feature that does not (yet) exist in your version and you would have to upgrade.

I m sure my lammps is the latest LAMMPS feature release, and i write the command as described in the documentation. I want to check if my command is correct but there is no example of conical indenter command in the manual. Can you give me an example of conical indenter?

What is the name of the version written in your log file ?


This cannot be due to the error message you are reporting. That is consistent with older versions of LAMMPS. With the most recent stable release, the error message is different:

ERROR: Unknown fix indent argument: cone (src/fix_indent.cpp:503)

When I use your command with the current version of LAMMPS it does not produce an error.

So how can you be sure to have the latest feature release when the facts that can be reproduced from remote conflict with it???