Error potential file requiring blank units

Hi! I’m trying to launch a simulation that worked well on older version of LAMMPS, but no longer works on the lmp_daily executable, I’m unsure if it’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong.

When I try to run my simulation I get the error message : Potential file MgAlZn.library.meam requires units but metal units are in use (src/force.cpp:1030)

Linked in my email are the potential files as well as the input script, any input would be appreciated, thanks a lot!

MgAlZn.library.meam (693 Bytes) (4.94 KB)

MgAlZn.parameter.meam (924 Bytes)

This is a known bug that was introduced yesterday and has been fixed this morning.

We do NOT recommend to use LAMMPS binaries from the github master branch unless you are a developer and are following development.

This is particularly risky in the current development phase since the last stable release in March 2020, as there were and still are several significant refactoring efforts happening (thanks to having more available time due to working from home requirements) and those will break LAMMPS more frequently. We are trying to improve our testing to catch more issues (and we did catch this specific one, but it required a time consuming test run that we don’t do as frequently as others, so it went undetected for a short time and got merged to master).

Please stick to the unstable branch, and even that has had more problems recently due to the amount of changes, or the stable version.