Error querying for a specific material ID

Matt, if I can ask one more question:

Could you please clarify if I could also pull the data specifically for a particular task? Specifically, there seems to be an issue with mp-5986 that is supposed to be the tetragonal phase of BaTiO3 but returns a different structure after the database upgrade (I complained about this issue in a separate thread).

However, if I check the web page for task mp-5986 it correctly shows the tetragonal phase. So presumably I could just pull the data for that specific task as a workaround to get the desired tetragonal structure. However, as you mentioned, mpr.query({'task_ids': ...}, ['structure']) returns the structure assigned to the material_id, not task_id. I tried using instead mpr.query({'task_ids':'mp-5986'}, ['final_structure']) but it also returns the final structure for the material, NOT the one for the task (the latter should have a=b=4.002,c=4.216, alpha=beta=gamma=90 according to the web page ). How can I pull the results of a particular task, not overriden by the material_id results?

Thanks a lot!

P.S. Also, is there maybe a way to access the old database version, or has it been taken offline permanently?