error run time

Hi lammps-users

I’m simulating a system that contains Fe C Si atoms. Because I did not find the force field (potential) to have all four types together, I used the pair-style hybrid but got the following error:

At line 187 of file meam_setup_done.F

Fortran runtime error: Attempting to allocate already allocated variable ‘phir’

I used the following commands:

pair_style hybrid/overlay meam meam meam

pair_coeff * * meam 1 library.meam Si Fe AlSiMgCuFe.meam Si Fe NULL
pair_coeff * * meam 2 library.meam Si C SiC.meam Si NULL C
pair_coeff * * meam 3 Fe3C_library_Liyanage_2014.meam Fe C Fe3C_Liyanage_2014.meam NULL Fe C

How can I fix this error?