ERROR: Unknown compute style (../modify.cpp:964)

Respected all,

I am facing the error as mentioned in the subject, for the compute command for xrd.

The input file and log file is attached. I am using LAMMPS (16 Feb 2016).

In continuation with above mail

input (1.82 KB)

log.lammps (6.99 KB)

what continuation?
the error message is very obvious: the LAMMPS executable, that you are
using does not contain the code for the requested style.
you have already received two responses with the two most likely
explanations (but not provided any information excluding that

also, there are many e-mail threads about "unknown XXX style" errors
in the mailing list archives. i am listing reasons that were found
- the package containing that style was not installed
- the package was installed, but LAMMPS wasn't recompiled
- the package was installed, and LAMMPS was recompiled, but there was
an error, so the compilation did not complete (this often happens when
people are so misguided to prefix their make command with "sudo" and
then get confused, because all objects and executables suddenly have
root permissions and cannot be easily removed or replaced.
- the package was installed, LAMMPS was compiled successfully, but the
new executable wasn't used.
- there was a typo in the input file
- there was a non-ascii character used in the input (due to
cut-n-paste from webpages or PDF files, which may replace ASCII
characters with similar looking UTF-8 characters)
- the LAMMPS version was too old and that specific style didn't even exist.

you should have found most of these with a search through the mailing
list archives, and - as you can easily see - they all are some form of
user error.