ERROR: Unknown pair style (../force.cpp:190)

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am using pair_style hybrid with potentials meam eam/alloy adp morse 2.5. I am simulating interaction between Carbon and Aluminum alloy
listed below with different types of atoms for which I have used the pair style and pair_coeff I have mentioned below. I am getting "ERROR: Unknown pair style(../force.cpp:190)".

Please, can you help me out? Thanks in advance.



you need more help than sorting out the syntax, and your input is full of things that are contradicting the syntax as defined in the LAMMPS manual. But it also shows that you have insufficient understanding of the physics of your problem and what is a meaningful model in general. Combined with your careless approach to reading and understanding the documentation, this will get you into lots of trouble. Doing simulations with hybrid pair styles can be useful, but they are not the first thing your should do and most certainly you cannot mix and match things in whatever way you feel like. Thus what you seem to be wanting to do is doomed to be completely bogus and a waste of your time.

I suggest you find somebody with sufficient experience in the kinds of simulation that you are interested in and get proper tutoring. And even then you should start with simpler setups with just one or two elements so that you understand the basics and get the methodology right. This is not something that can be resolved with a few e-mails via a mailing list.