Error : Unsupported BOP potential format

Dear Users,

I have a problem with using BOP (FeCH_BOP_II.bop.table Fe)

ERROR on proc 0: Unsupported BOP potential file format (src/MANYBODY/pair_bop.cpp:1928)
Last command: pair_coeff * * FeCH_BOP_II.bop.table Fe

I guess the error occurred from the potential file.
But the potential file was obtained from the library/potential file in the Lammps installation path.
So it’s hard to guess what the problem is.
I’m currently using Feb 24, 2022 version.
I would like to hear your opinion on this problem.

Thank you.

There is no file called FeCH_BOP_II.bop.table in the LAMMPS potentials folder. I only see FeCH_BOP_II.poly, which is for use with pair_style polymorphic not pair_style bop.
There also is no 24Feb2022 version of LAMMPS.

Thank you for your reply.
There was confusion between the version and file name.
As you said, using the pair style polymorphic worked normally.

Have a nice day.