Error using interlayer potential for bilayer BN

Hi I am new with Lammps, and I am trying to simulate bilayer hBN. I want to use the BNCH.ILP potential but I get the following error:

ERROR on proc 0: cannot open ilp/graphene/hbn potential file BNCH.ILP: No such file or directory (…/potential_file_reader.cpp:59)

I tried running the example script provided in the source code: in.bilayer-hBN and I get the same error.

I am working on the Linux subsystem for Windows and I have downloaded the new stable version from 29Sep2021, and I have built it via the cmake and the make files way. Both giving the same error.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix theses error?

Thanks for the help,


I found my mistake nevermind, sorry for the inconvenience.