Error while compilation of lammps package - user misc.

Hello all,

To resolve the error regarding fix efield command, I was installing the user-misc package. During compilation of the package I found the following errors-

…/pair_list.cpp(88): error: expected a “;”
const dbl3_t * _noalias const x = (dbl3_t *) atom->x[0];

…/pair_list.cpp(89): error: “restrict” has already been declared in the current scope
dbl3_t * _noalias const f = (dbl3_t *) atom->f[0];

…/pair_list.cpp(89): error: expected a “;”
dbl3_t * _noalias const f = (dbl3_t *) atom->f[0];

…/pair_list.cpp(114): error: identifier “x” is undefined
const double dx = x[i].x - x[j].x;

…/pair_list.cpp(160): error: identifier “f” is undefined
f[i].x += dx*fpair;

…/pair_list.cpp(166): error: identifier “f” is undefined
f[j].x -= dx*fpair;

compilation aborted for …/pair_list.cpp (code 2)
make[1]: *** [pair_list.o] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/--------------------------------------/lammps-11Aug17/src/Obj_mpi’
make: *** [mpi] Error 2

Can anyone help me out of this.?

I would be always thankful to you people.

R. Varsha

This may help!

Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for your kind response. I have visited the link which you sent. Can you tell me where I have to use “-restrict” flag.?


R. Varsha

In the CCFLAG line of your Makefile.machine.