Error with 'fix propel/self' refers to old USER-MISC package

Hello everyone,

I am using the fix propel/self as below which is a part of the BROWNIAN package.

fix active all propel/self dipole 1.0

However, it throws the error:

Error Illegal mode “dipole” for fix propel/self (src/USER-MISC/fix_propel_self.cpp:82)

What I found strange was that the USER-MISC folder doesn’t exist in the src folder any longer but it appears in this error message. And from the current documentation of fix self/propel, I can see that ‘dipole’ mode is allowed if the DIPOLE package is installed, which I have installed already along with BROWNIAN. Am I missing something obvious here?

Best wishes,

Please look at the beginning of your output. You are probably using an executable of an older version of LAMMPS. The online documentation always represents the latest patch version and things may have changed since the version you are using, like new features being added.

Thank you so much Axel, that was indeed the case. This was an old computer that had an old LAMMPS installed. And I didn’t run ‘make install’ to update it.