Exists the option of using a tabulated three-body potential (non-bonded)?

Dear Lammps-community,

I am using lammps-7Dec15 but my concern is more general. I was wondering if Lammps is able to handle a tabulated three-body potential in dependency of the angle between triplets of particles jik. Additionally it would be good to consider such triplets just if the distance r_ij < r_cut and r_ik < r_cut (particle i the the central one).
The potential I would like to tabulate has the flavor of the three-body term of the Stillinger-Weber potential but not exactly. As a first step using a tabulated potential with respect to the angle would be more than sufficient. Do you think that is possible with Lammps?

Unless I did not understand correctly the angle_style table accounts exclusively for bonded particles. Sorry if I misunderstood and many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Anything is possible if you are willing to write new code to do it.

There are tabulated angle potentials in LAMMPS (angle_style table),

but that is applied to a set of enumerated angle terms. What

you are asking is for a many-body pair potential which will

on-the-fly enumerate all current 3-body terms and apply a tabulated

potential to them (in addition to a pairwise term?). Nothing

exists in LAMMPS currently like that. You can look at

pair polymorphic which may be a generalization of what you

are looking for. If you want to provide the actual tabulated

values in a file, I think you would have to write a new pair style,

e.g. starting with pair sw or pair tersoff and replace the 3-body

analytic methods with something that interpolated from a stored


Sounds like a useful potential, so if you code it up, please contribute

it to LAMMPS.