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recently, the advanced search syntax forms like -Fe-O or Na-O- etc. in the explore materials app don’t work anymore, is there somebody known the reason?

Perhaps you’re missing a character? -Fe-O doesn’t work, but *-Fe-O should (finding ternaries with Fe and O as required elements). I assume you’re referencing the Advanced Search Syntax link above the search bar within the Explore Materials view?

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Thanks very much for your reply,I am very glad to joy in the Materials project forum. Actually, as you say, I use Advanced Search Syntax like Na-O-* to find out the compounds in the Materials project database. It may be because of the limited Internet speed. I waited for a long time and no data was returned from the web page. Fortunately, the results can now be output normally again. Thank you very much for your reply.

Hi @Fucheng

We actually had an internal performance problem that was the root of this. These searches were timing at our database. We fixed it late yesterday. Thank you for reporting this issue.

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