extend fix npt to handle regions, feature request

Dear list:
I'm thinking of extending the fix_nh routines to handle regions ala fix_evaporate. Before I embark on this (difficult?!) task, I was wondering if anyone has attempted something similar. This would allow for example the thermostating/barostating of atom dynamically as they exit/enter the region, since this is not handled by static group definitions.

Any advice would be appreciated.


a) thermostatting - the NH routines already handle
this I believe. You can assign a temp compute to
them like compute temp/region which only operates
on atoms in a region

b) barostatting - the compute pressure routines
only operate on group all - I don't know what it would
mean to only compute and barostat a partial pressure.
Since the entire box is dilated/compressed, to me
it only makes sense to use the pressure of the entire
system as the actual vs target pressure in the barostat