[EXTERNAL] Re: Compile with ATC problem

15.12.2011, 19:09, "Maxim" <[email protected]...>:

14.12.2011, 23:49, "Templeton, Jeremy Alan" <[email protected]...>:

Maxim, have you built the serial mpi library in the src/STUBS directory? Also, we have had trouble with gcc 4.4.X used to build the mpi library at -O2 or greater. It seems the compiler was over-ambitious in its optimization for these cases. Either use a different gcc or rebuild your mpi install at the lower optimization.

1) No before.
and I did this and add include to array files. Then compilation serial is done, but when i compiling lmp_openmpi:

/lib/atc/LammpsInterface.h:69: undefined reference to `MPI_Barrier(int)' .

2) I changed in lib/atc/Makefile.g++

CC = mpic++
LINK = mpic++

and all compilations are successful. Thanks.