Extract data use matminer

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what is the nececary command in matminer used to find the structural and mechanical properties each elements selected for example (Li, Na, Mg, … exct) in an identical table.

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As detailed by @ardunn in your previous question (Get properties of several elements), you can retrieve the properties from the Materials Project using the following snippet:

from matminer.data_retrieval.retrieve_MP import MPDataRetrieval
mpdr = MPDataRetrieval()

elements = ["Ti", "Mg", "Li", "Na"]
properties = ["density", "pretty_formula"]

criteria = {"elements": {"$in": elements}, "nelements": 1}
df = mpdr.get_dataframe(criteria=criteria, properties=properties)

You can see which properties are available from the Materials Project here: https://materialsproject.org/docs/api

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Okey I will try, thank u