Finite size particles


Could you please tell me how could I collect or overlap some finite size particles to be as a single rigid body?

Fix rigid does not care if your particles are simple lennard-jones
particles, or aspherical particles or colloids.

Excerpt from the documentation:
"Example of small rigid bodies are patchy nanoparticles, such as those
modeled in this paper by Sharon Glotzer’s group, clumps of granular
particles, lipid molecules consisting of one or more point dipoles
connected to other spheroids or ellipsoids, irregular particles built
from line segments (2d) or triangles (3d), and coarse-grain models of
nano or colloidal particles consisting of a small number of
constituent particles.
Not all of the bodystyle options and keyword/value options are
available for both the rigid and rigid/small variants. See details


The fix rigid and rigid/small doc page explain this in detail.
You can use finite-size particles to create a rigid body. You
will probably want to pre-compute their moment of intertia
and center-of-mass and input those quantities as well
through a file. Again, see the doc page for how to do that.