Fix ave/time error

I am trying to scale velocities after NVT run with the following input file:

#KALJ NVT Nose' Hoover chain

units		    lj 
atom_style 	    atomic  
boundary 	    p p p      #periodic boundary cond. in each direction

read_data Nip_3k.dat  # read data file (incl.mass info)

pair_style  lj/cut 2.5         # Define interaction potential.
pair_coeff  1 1  1.0 1.0  2.5  # type type eps sigma rcut
pair_coeff  1 2  1.5 0.80 2.0  #typeA typeB epsAB sigmaAB rcutAB=2.5*0.8=2.0
pair_coeff  2 2  0.5 0.88 2.2  #typeB typeB epsBB sigmaBB rcutBB=2.5*0.88=2.2

#timestep 0.0001 #Delta t #in prev. ljv11.f Delta t=0.02 here 0.02/sqrt(48)=0.0029
timestep    0.005

neighbor          0.2 bin
neigh_modify      every 1 delay 0 check yes # Update neighbor

# set numerical integrator

# Initial mixing
fix 		1 all nvt temp 0.475 0.475 $(100.0*dt)

variable 	etot equal ke+pe
fix 		aveEn all ave/time 1500000 2000000 v_etot
variable 	scaleEn equal (2*(f_aveEn-pe))/3

run 		500000
unfix		1

fix		1 all nve 
run		50000
unfix		1

fix	1 all nve
thermo	1000
thermo_style	custom step temp pe etotal press density lx vol enthalpy

# Production
reset_timestep	0

# calculate the mean square displacement(MSD)
group A type 1
group B type 2

compute msdA A msd   #default com=no and average=no so rvec(t=0) used
fix msdAfix A ave/time 1 1 1 c_msdA[4] file
compute msdB B msd   #default com=no and average=no so rvec(t=0) used
fix msdBfix B ave/time 1 1 1 c_msdB[4] file

# determine radial distribution function g(r)
compute rdfAABBAB all rdf 25 1 1 2 2 1 2
fix myrdf all ave/time 25 8 1000 c_rdfAABBAB[*] file  mode vector

# prints only if also some MD step run command follows
dump mydump all custom 1000 confdump.*.data id type x y z vx vy vz
dump_modify mydump sort id

run		20000

# Write the final configuration
write_data  NiP_3k.dat

But I got this error message:
ERROR: Illegal fix ave/time command (…/fix_ave_time.cpp:52)
Last command: fix aveEn all ave/time 1500000 2000000 v_etot

Please how do fix this error? thank you in advance!

This is incorrect syntax. Please see the documentation of the fix ave/time command.