fix bond/create

Are you sure that type 4 is not already present to start with ?.


Thank you, Arun.

Of course, I am sure that there is no type 4 at beginning.
Actually Lammps says like this,

group Edges type 1
6000 atoms in group Edges

group NP type 2
1000 atoms in group NP

group Chains type 3
0 atoms in group Chains

group GP type 4
0 atoms in group GP

Also I could see that when type 1 were close to type 2, type 1 were trapped by type 2 and went around type 2 in using VMD.


For your information, in the Input file I sent, to simplify the situation, polymers are composed of 1 bead (type 1).

So Lammps says,

group Chains type 3
0 atoms in group Chains.