Fix bond/react runs but No reaction occurs

Hi LAMMPS Users,

I have prepared my monomer mixture in the Material studio and exported it to LAMMPS format and I am using cvff force fields. By following the example file of the Nylon polymerization, I prepared the pre and post-reaction template as well as a map file for the reaction topology by considering a gap of at least two atoms between the reaction site and the edge atoms. I am using LAMMPS 64-bit 19Sep2019 on Windows 10. My file is running fine without any error but there is no reaction occurs which is shown neither by the number of bonds nor by the reaction counter in the log file. I tried running the file at various temperatures, changing the cuttoff distance, and by changing the density of the monomer mixture. I also tried to run the model for about 50k time steps but the issue remains the same. I have gone through the lammps documentation on the fix bond/react command and was not able to understand the issue with my files. I am attaching my files here for your reference. What could be the potential cause of this issue? Thank you for your time and help.

Gurmeet Singh,
Ph.D. Candidate,
Multi-Scale Structural Simulations Laboratory,

Department of Aerospace Engineering,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

rxn1_stp1_map (277 Bytes)

post_reactionMol.data_template (2.62 KB)

pre_reactionMol.data_template (2.29 KB)

Mixture_NylonNew.lammps05 (1.65 MB)

in.BondReact (1.07 KB)

It looks like all hydrogens in your reaction templates are of type 6, but there are corresponding hydrogens in your simulation are of type 7.