fix bond/swap command GOT A BUG?

fix bond/swap command


fix ID group-ID bond/swap fraction cutoff seed 

  • ID, group-ID are documented in fix command bond/swap = style name of this fix command Nevery = attempt bond swapping every this many steps

    • fraction = fraction of group atoms to consider for swapping
    • cutoff = distance at which swapping will be considered (distance units)
    • seed = random # seed (positive integer)


    fix 1 all bond/swap 50 0.5 1.3 598934 
  •  Nevery did not show on the command line...
  •  There should be 7 args in this fix,
  •  The C++ code "narg != 6" will lead to a illegal fix.
  • FixBondSwap::FixBondSwap(LAMMPS *lmp, int narg, char **arg) :
      Fix(lmp, narg, arg)
      if (narg != 6) error->all(FLERR,"Illegal fix bond/swap command");

yes, there was a recent change to the syntax of the command
and the 6 should be a 7 - it will be in the next patch