fix deform - reamap x option ignored with thermostat


This is about the second important note in the doc page of fix deform. I am using the command as follows

fix deform all deform 1 x erate 0.000001 units box remap v

fix 2 all npt y 0 0 1000 z 0 0 1000 couple none temp {temperature} {temperature} 100

I am also using the compute temp/deform command and coupling it with the fix npt by using fix modify command. Everything works fine as expected and as it says in the manual.

However, when I change “remap v” to “remap x” I expect the velocities to not change as it says in the doc page of fix deform. But it is not so. The remap x option in the fix deform is being ignored when integration fixes are invoked. Is this expected ?

I am using LAMMPS 21 Jan 2015 version.