fix deform with sllod and remap V doesn't result in linear profile

Dear Lammps users,

I am imposing shear strain on a 101010 LJ system with fix deform plus fix nvt/sllod @KT=1 and shear rate of 0.001 (LJ Units). As we are finally interested in non-affine displacements, I implemented remap v option. I expected that the velocity profile to be compatible with the deformation and therefore linear along Z axis (shear plane is xz plane). I also tried different things that I thought may help but they did not work; initial ramp velocity profile, different thermostats to remove the flow bias (fix temp/partial). I wonder that what is the problem with this simulation! I would be really grateful if you have any suggestion. I have attached the “in” file for your consideration (first portion there is an equilibrium simulation and then shear strain is imposed).

Best regards.

in.shearOnly (3.29 KB)

Try shearing as slow as possible as see if you get a good profile.