Fix eos/cv

Dear lammps users,the command “fix eos/cv” , where cv is the constant-volume heat capacity,but when I use this command in an oil-water system,how can I determine the cv of this system,can this command be used in multiphase systems?

This is a very specific question about a rarely used, contributed feature.
I suggest you contact the author(s) of the DPD-REACT package, or of the corresponding publications for clarification.

DPD-REACT package is not available in the 2018 version of lammps, but there is no error when using this command. Does this affect the use?

The package is available but it was called USER-DPD at the time.

Please note, that you should not be starting any project in 2022 with a LAMMPS version from 2018.
It has quite a few known bugs, including in the USER-DPD/DPD-REACT package, since it predates our detailed integration, unit, and regression testing and static code analysis which all have helped significantly to identify and fix thus far unreported bugs.

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Dear akohlmey,I now use the pair_style dpd/fdt/energy command in the 2021 version of Lammps. When I input parameters in the pair_coeff, I find that I input one parameter less, k (mesoscale thermal conductivity), and then run will not report errors. Why?

The answer is in the documentation