fix evaporate: Bond atom missing in image check (../domain.cpp:765)

I need to delete water molecules within a specific region every now and then during my simulation.
Maybe I misunderstood fix evaporate, I’m using it like that:

fix 7 all evaporate 100 1 delreg 49892 molecule yes

and Lammps complains about it in the very 1st step with

"Bond atom missing in image check "

I thought the “molecule yes” keyword should prevent this kind of errors.

Any hints?

BTW: I use the lammps version from March 31th,2017

Another detail: my atomic id’s or not consecutive. Might this be the reason?

I think I found the ‘BUG’ :

Using full periodic boundaries (ppp) everything’s fine. But when I change the boudnaries to say fpp, fix evaporate doesn’t work.
Is there a way to handle this?

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