fix msst command cannot dump configure files???

My lammps vision is LAMMPS (31 Aug 2011)
I try to dump .cfg files, but none .cfg files is seen when lammps finished. And none errors and warnings appear during the running. Does anyone come across this problem???

parts of my script is below

Thanks for any responds!

fix msst all msst y 7 q 1.0e4 mu 1.0e4
fix_modify msst energy yes

variable dhug equal f_msst[1]
variable dray equal f_msst[2]
variable lgr_vel equal f_msst[3]
variable lgr_pos equal f_msst[4]

thermo 100
thermo_style custom step temp ke pe ly pyy etotal v_dhug v_dray v_lgr_vel v_lgr_pos f_msst

shell mkdir confg
shell cd confg

# configuration output
dump 100 all cfg 10000 confg/snap.*.cfg id type xs ys zs vx vy vz c_localpe c_ackland c_csp
dump_modify 100 first yes pad 6 element Fe



You try to write to a subdirectory after you cd into it. Sure this cannot work.


In other words, drop the shell cd config command.



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