fix npt question

I want to use fix npt to control pressure but I am also using a
position external potential and I don't want the origin of the
simulation box to change. In other words, xhi, yhi, and zhi can
change, but I always want xlo, ylo, and zlo to be 0.0. Is there a way
to do this with fix npt?


That's not a current option with fix npt, but Aidan
can possibly comment on how difficult it would
be to add.


Hi Stan,

I modifed the remap() function to dilate about an arbitrary fixed point
that can be specified using an optional keyword. Try this out and let me
know if it works.


fix_nh.cpp (63.9 KB)

fix_nh.h (7.7 KB)

fix_nh.html (29 KB)


This works great--thanks so much!