Fix SRD error

Hii …

I was using the following command for fix srd

fix 2 small srd 20 big 1.0 0.25 49894 shift yes 54979 &
search 0.2 collision slip inside ignore overlap yes

Here, groupbig-ID is set as big and the mass was set 1.0

My problem is when I set the mass value 1.0 or higher than that the input script runs fine. But if I set the mass lower than 1.0 such as 0.1 or 0.01 it shows me an error " Fix SRD: bad bin assignment for SRD advection (…/fix_srd.cpp:756)" and if I set the mass value lower than that such as 0.001 or 0.0001 then shows me error " Lost atoms: original 270 current 227 (…/thermo.cpp:430)"!!!

May I know the way to get rid of this error and make the file run fine ?

Thanks in Advance.



Lighter particles will have a very large velocity. To have a more precise idea,
compute the distance travel in one SRD step by a particle at its thermal
velocity (mean free path) and see how large it is in comparison to the length
scales involved in the simulation.