FLD documentation

I’d like to request someone make a correction to the FLD documentation. The flag definitions are contradicting each other in the pair_style lubricate doc. There are several points where it says to the effect “0/1 to include/exclude.” Just reverse the include<->exclude, to be consistent with the rest of the document.

Is it also possible to refer to Kumar’s thesis, since it is public record. Their publication in Phys Rev E does not discuss the modelling for their approximation of the far-field interactions. I have only found this discussion in his thesis, which he pointed me to.

yes, I noticed that yesterday when looking at the FLD question.
I’ll fix it next week when I get some feedback from Jeremy …


I fixed the doc page typos. Do you have a citation for Kumar’s thesis - I do not,
but can add it if you have it.



The reference would be A. Kumar “Microscale Dynamics in Suspensions of Non-spherical Particles” Thesis, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, (2010). The paper is hosted by the University of Illinois at https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/handle/2142/16032. I hope the above reference matches your format. Thanks again.

added it - thanks