For the dt/reset command

I am working on the different Energy and direction atomic cascade ,

for that 101010 super lattice system ,

for "

fix ID group-ID dt/reset N Tmin Tmax Xmax keyword values ...

how can i make a set can be time effective cost (less calculating time ),
if i say Tmin :Null
Tmax:0.002 ps
Xmax:0.01 A
N :10
Runs:6000 run
is that effective way to go ? , i went to the time evolution where i draw the P.E (potential energy ) Vs runing time or Number of runs where i tried to make it 6000 or 10000 or 20000 runs , with Xmax varies from 0.0001 to 1 A ,
but it was not even clear for me to decide the set which can be acceptable for any energy of direction

I may ask the question in another way , How can i achieve the dt/rest command set to suits all projection direction and energy i may choose ?,

Looking to hear from you soon

Thank you

I don’t think there is a simple answer to your Q.
The way that fix dt/reset works is simple, as described
in the doc page. But to figure out what are appropriate
settings for your model, is really up to you. If you are
doing impact simulations it depends on your tolerance
for error, the potentials you use, possibly the manner
in which you shoot atoms into the target, etc.