Force field

Hi, I have a question about the using of Force field in Lammps, what is the indicator for selecting force field?
Can I use the meam Li Co O potential to define the interaction of oxygen atom and cobalt to simulate a membrane doped with a cobalt atom in adsorption? Or, for example, can I use the SiO tersoff potential for the oxygen molecule? Or can I use the BNC tersoff potential for the nitrogen molecule? Why is the Leonard Jones Force Field used in most articles?

What is a suitable force field needs to be obtained from studying publications that describe specific parameter sets and the kind of compounds they are applicable to.

Any questions beyond this are off-topic for this forum, since they have nothing to do with LAMMPS, but are questions about force fields and MD in general and that make it a topic for discussion with your adviser and more experienced colleagues. This forum is about using LAMMPS and not a classroom to learn MD and doing research with MD. To teach your those skills is the responsibility of your adviser.

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